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Our boat PARIS is a fully equipped professional fishing boat recently build, designed to offer comfort to our occupants. Captain Antonis will take us for fishing to the best fishing grounds of the area and to the most beautiful private beaches to enjoy the crystalline waters and the summer sun.
Also we shall have a delicious lunch cooked on board with fresh fish, salads and local wine, ouzo and fruits.
We will enjoy a day that will stay in our hearts forever. Fishing, snorkeling,  swimming or sunbathing and relaxing are some of the activities you can enjoy.

INCLUDED: Fishing equipment ,snorkeling equipment

The meal also is included and served on board. All our dishes are freshly homemade and based on Greek traditional recipes.


About fishing


We provide fishing gear as well as free diving equipment. But you will need to have a hat, sunglasses, sea petals and sunscreen with you to protect yourself from the intense sun of the Greek summer.

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Guides: Our instructions to help you  whether it is needed can be in English and Greek

For both fishing and other concerts, we can communicate in addition to Greek and English. We will guide you and guide you to one of the two languages.

Accommodat: For your accmmotation Lemnos provides all necessity

See in our pages the lists of selected hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars to choose what suits you. You can rent a car or taxi for your trips. We are sure you will be very sad that your holidays are over but we will be here and we will be waiting for you.

For each six-hour trip, costs 80 euros per person. The minimum number of persons per trip is 4 and the maximum is 10. You can read more about what exactly is provided in the relevant reports on the site. For less than 4 people contact the owners.
For anything else…
We are also available for private bookings. Make sure you contact us for further information.

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Lemnos, an island of North Aegean, the highest geographic location, the 8th largest in size island of Greece. A butterfly-shaped island with lacy rocks, golden beaches and picturesque settlements. Mythical home of Hephaestus and Caviar. Dear land of Homer and the ancient tragedy. The site of the discovery of fire and the focal point of the Argonaut Campaign. The name…

The castle
The castle

The castle of Myrina, an important element of its built environment, a Byzantine fortress, dominates majestically over the city of Myrina. With an area of 144 acres, it was built in 1185 AD. by Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos on sections of an earlier archaic wall. It is one of the best preserved castles in the Aegean Sea and can be…

The beaches of Lemnos
The beaches of Lemnos

The imposing, almost lunar landscape of Lemnos, with its impressive coastline, the endless sandy beaches with its crystal clear blue sea, keep the island’s interest high. For example, “Romeikos Gialos” and “Richa Nera” are beaches that can be reached on foot, as they are closed to the center of Myrina. A little further out on the way to Kaspakas stretches…

Τravel Αgencies, Hotels, Car Rentals, Food, Bars and Coffeshops in Lemnos

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Useful information about your vacations.

Ask about everything you need to know.


We can inform you about our program, prices, trip hours or anything else.

Dardanelion 12,
Myrina, Lemnos, 81400,
North Aegean, Greece

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